Second Language band members

Jessie Jacobson

Jessie (2018). Photo by Sonja Brenna.

Lead Vocalist, Guitarist. Also plays Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals and Percussion.

Founder of Second Language (with Jerome Faulkner) in November 1981. Played with Second Language from 1981-1989 and 1991 through 1997.

Previously played in The Trend, Lemmings, The Virgins, Prudence Goodbody, Doctor’s Orders.

Jessie was born in New York City and grew up there and in Los Angeles. She has also lived in Isla Vista and in England (both London and Surrey). Jessie began playing guitar and forming bands at age eight - The Doubleplays, The Richterscales, The Second Hand, The Spectrum, Blugrass Consolidated (not a bluegrass band and deliberately misspelled for some long forgotten reason) and probably at least a few more. She played in two high school bands, Doctor’s Orders and Prudence Goodbody and during college with The Virgins and Lemmings.

Jessie (1988)

Jessie’s first professional band was The Trend, together from 1979-1981. Jessie, along with Jerome Faulkner, then formed Second Language which existed from 1981-1989 and 1991-1997, though they still played together intermittently through 2000. She also worked as an indie music producer throughout the 1990s.

Jessie is a transwoman who transitioned from male to female in 2002. She has worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist, a graduate school psychology Human Sexuality instructor and a professional lecturer (on LGBTQ issues, diversity and psychology). Jessie and other members of  Second Language began playing together again in 2014 on an intermittent basis. Jessie also writes (prose, poetry and music) and performs live theatre as a member of writing collective QueerWise and occasionally performs live with other bands. She lives with her wife and four (don't ask!) cats.

Jarrett Lesko

Jarrett (1988)

Jarrett (1988)

Bass, Backing Vocals. Also plays Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Harmonica, Mandolin, Dobro.

Played with Second Language February 1984 through 1989 and 1991-1997.

Previously played in The Millionaires.

Later played, sang and wrote in Blue and Keeping Fire.

Brian Bielski

Brian (1988)

Brian (1988)

Drums, Percussion. Also plays Keyboards, Backing Vocals.

Played with Second Language February 1984 through 1989 and 1991-1997.

Previously played in The News.

Later played in Blue.

Toni Zeto

Toni (1983)

Toni (1983)

Lead Vocals, Percussion, Backing Vocals. Also plays Keyboard.

Played with Second Language March 1983 through May 1987 and December 1990 through May 1991.

Jerome Faulkner

Jerome (1982)

Jerome (1983)

Keyboardist, Backing Vocals, Clarinet. Also plays Flute, Recorder.

Founder of Second Language (with Jessie Jacobson) in November 1981 and played with the band through July 1986.

Previously played in The Trend and Lemmings.

Chris Hutchinson

Chris (1982). Photo by Ed Batt.

Chris (1983)

Bass, Backing Vocals. Also plays Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion.

Played with Second Language November 1981 through September 1983.

Previously played in Neutral Colors, Trees Of Mystery.

Later played in What Is This.

Rick Winward

Rick (1982). Photo by Ed Batt.

Rick (1983)

Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals. Also plays Bass, Keyboard.

Played with Second Language November 1981 through March 1984.

Later played in Electric Peace.

Deon Vozov (guest member)

Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals. Also plays Percussion.

Played with Second Language November 1983 through March 1984.

Solo performer before/after/during Second Language.

David ’Spiggy’ Miller

David 'Spiggy' Miller (1988)

Spiggy (1988). Photo by Debbie Anderson from video.

Guitar, Vocals. Also plays Percussion.

Played with Second Language August 1987 through July 1988 and was guest-guitarist on Believe (produced by Frank Wolf) in 1991.

Previously played in Redwood, Minotaur, Johnny Curious and the Strangers, The Astronauts, Expandis.

Later played with Jykes.

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1956 of English parents on the run from Interpol. Our family returned to the UK to Liverpool in 1961.  At some point it is most (un)likely that John Lennon sneered at me on the mean streets of Liddypool, thus effecting a transmission of musical inspiration and scaring our family back into hiding in Potters Bar near London where we remained until 1986. All this, and smoking menthol cigarettes stuffed with joss sticks at the club (true), turned me away from the dull, dull, dull path of trad employment onto the righteous path of my nascent musical quest and the pursuit of the elusive magical musical experience which partly eludes me still but is a joy to chase down even now.

I played in the above-listed bands, including Expandis, who got picked up by Elton John's Rocket Records until our "angel" at Rocket, the guy who signed us up and was pushing us there, left the company for reasons I still have yet to divine. In 1986, I joined a large portion of my family in Granada Hills in the good old San Fernando Valley, met my wife-to-be and, as very good luck would have it, crossed paths with Second Language (1987-1988) who spoiled all other bands for me as they could not stand up to the comparison.  That truly was a blast and opened me up to a whole new experience and approach to being in a musical collective, improvising, composition and performance.  It seems like I was in there much longer than that short period of time and is still a big part of me and my musical mindset.

Jim Novak (guest member)

Jim (1989)

Jim (with Jessie & Jarrett) 1989.

Guitar, Backing Vocals. Also plays Steel Guitar.

Played gigs with Second Language September 1988 through July 1989.

Dan Nolton (guest member)

Dan (1991)

Dan (1991)

Guitar, Backing Vocals. Also plays Percussion.

Played gigs with Second Language late 1989 and December 1990 through May 1991.

Previously played with Mesa, Jill Black, Exotica Maximus, Field Day.

Later played with Zoot and Blue.

Richie Owens

Guitarist, Vocalist, Mandolin. Also plays Dobro, Steel Guitar, 6-string Bass.

Played with Second Language late 1989.

Later played with Farm Bureau.

Kira Vollman (guest member)

Kira (1991)

Kira (1991)

Vocals, Bass, Percussion. Also plays Clarinet, Keyboard.

Played gigs with Second Language (3/3/82, 12/8/90, 2/91).

Plays with Non Credo.

Katriina Huotari

Katriina (1991)

Katriina (1995) from WrongSpeak photo session. Photo by Toni Zeto.

Keyboards. Also plays Percussion.

Played with Second Language December 1990 through 1995.

Freida Woody (guest member)

Freida (1991)

Freida (1991)

Backing and co-Lead Vocals.

Played with Second Language 1991.

Recorded a solo album Shudder produced by Jessie Jacobson (who also co-wrote and arranged as well as playing almost all the instruments except the drums by Brian Bielski) and released in 2000. The album also featured Chris Fudurich (keyboard, loops) and Dan Nolton (guitar) on a couple of songs each.

Michael James (guest member)

Michael James (1991). Photo by Toni Zeto.

Michael James (1991). Photo by Toni Zeto.


Played with Second Language 1991. Co-produced WrongSpeak CD and other tracks 1993-1995.

Michael is a producer, engineer, remix specialist, musical artist and much more:

Sam Graf

Sam (1996). Photo by Noah Bogan.

Sam (1995). Photo by Noah Bogan.

Guitar. Also plays Keyboards, Bass, Percussion.

Played with Second Language 1992 through 1996.

Previously played with Ignition, Never Say Never, Fear No Art.

Later played with various bands in Chicago.

Sam Graf started playing guitar at an early age in Switzerland where he and his band recorded their first album at PowerPlay Studios at the age of 17. He later graduated from the Musicians Institute of Technology in 1988. After that he was involved with different band projects in the Los Angeles area that included styles such as funk and techno.

He started his first classical compositions in 1992 just before joining Second Language and playing with them until 1996. After moving to the Chicago Area, he played in several bands and was involved in various studio sessions.

For over five years Sam was Head of Audio at One Spear Entertainment, a video game production company. He currently organizes and hosts Open Jam Sessions in the Zürich, Switzerland area and works at the BassCenter in sales and as a guitar teacher.

Chris Fudurich

Chris (1996). Photo by Noah Bogan.

Chris (1995). Photo by Noah Bogan.

Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Percussion. Also plays Drums.

Played with Second Language on and off throughout 1995-1996 as well as engineering and co-mixing their WrongSpeak CD (and co-producing the song Black Xmas from that album).

Later played with Don Knotts Overdrive and Two Guns and currently plays with Moderns.

Produced Nada Surf Let Go and has mixed/engineered for Matthew Sweet, Susanna Hoffs, The Format, Lisa Loeb and Jim Kerr/Simple Minds.

Chris is currently remixing songs for Second Language's upcoming archival CD releases.

Mike Murray (guest member)

Mike (1996). Photo by Noah Bogan.

Mike (1996). Photo by Noah Bogan.

Guitars, Vocals. Also plays Keyboards, Bass.

Played gigs with Second Language 1996 as well as designing and illustrating the artwork for the band's upcoming archival double-CD release, Shadow Across The Moon.

Previously played with Grain, Navy Jet Noise, Lilibender.

Later played with Djam Karet.

Other guest members:

Larry Zimberg: Guitar (10/81 for one rehearsal)

Marcus ?: Bass (10/81 for one rehearsal)

Phil Hardy: Drums (10/81 for one rehearsal)

John Ulvang: Drums (11/81 for a couple of rehearsals)

Steve & Chris Jonas: Recorders (5/5/82)

Ken Girvetz: Viola (5/5/82)

Jeffrey Allen Choir: Backing Vocals (5/5/82)

Harry Gilbert: Electric Cello (5/26/83)

Scott Bledsoe: Bass. Also plays Guitar, Percussion (11/83)

Tommy Jordan: Backing Vocals, Percussion (12/8/90)


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