Decade Of Violence, Conspiracy Of Silence

Low men feel the wall
Lonely place, heed the call
He held them in his thrall
He promised it all

The distance is growing
As time, it suspends
The cracks are all showing
Could this be how it ends

Decade of violence
Conspiracy of silence
Fires in the hills
A burning sky that chills
Media bonfire
Immediate threat
Unpleasant infections
You haven’t seen the worst of it yet
They’ve stolen our voice
Left us no choice

I – I fade away
I – I change from night into day
I don’t have direction
I want affection
‘Cause I need you more
I’ll show you what’s for

I’m gone, gone
I’m gone
I’m gone
I don’t deserve the cruelty
You dish out like a glass of wine
I can’t see any more of my own future
I can see it’s not mine

Decade of violence
Conspiracy of silence

© Music: Brian Bielski-Jarrett Lesko-Jessie Jacobson (7/7/22)
Lyrics: Jessie Jacobson (7/7/22 + 9/10/22 + 9/14/22)

Studio improvisation July 7, 2022.

Jessie Jacobson: Vocal, Guitar
Jarrett Lesko: Bass
Brian Bielski: Drums