We’re so civilized

Haircuts and manners and smiles
Handshakes and babies and wives
Feet upon yards upon miles
That stretch into lives

Morals and ethics and rules
Mortgages, taxes, commutes
Rest homes and death camps
And fools in khakis and boots

Cash, credit, purrs the voice in your ear
Time’s money furthermore
We’re so civilized

Just trust the lawyers, the preachers, the fat politicians
Just wave the flag
It’ll blow all our troubles away
Just put your faith in the mail
To the men with the missions
They’ll teach you to prey

Perks, profits, purrs the voice in your ear
The sky’s the limit, the liquid atmosphere
Time’s money so it goes
We’re so civilized. Civilized. Civilized.

I’m sure i’m speaking in tongues
Taste sound bites inside of my head
Brave words all sucked back through my lungs
I’ll dream them instead

Crack, crystal, purrs the voice in your ear
Mirrors and windows expand and then disappear
Front-line pioneers tame the wild frontier
Time’s money, pay up front
We’re so civilized

©1992 • Music: Jessie Jacobson-Michael James
Lyrics, Melody: Jessie Jacobson

Produced by Jessie Jacobson and Ken Jordan

Brian Bielski: Drums (bridge)
Katriina Huotari: Keyboards
Jessie Jacobson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jarrett Lesko: Bass

+ Michael James: Neo-Hendrix Guitar (bridge)
+ Ken Jordan: Drum Sequence