The door is always open
My heart is not foolproof
The things you’ll find inside of her
Three square meals and a roof

There are a hundred dead zones
Between here and where you can receive me
There are a host of dangerous dropouts
In the thickets of this village

Deadline, deadline, deadline, dead line

Sparks exploding from the phone
Lines unravel like live snakes
And the message getting lost
Is more than just one more

Deadline, deadline, deadline, dead line

I cannot explain my disappearance
Can you please provide some more details
So I know what to be looking for
If your investigation fails

Deadline, deadline, deadline

If I could do today again
I’d try to make things less disjointed
I don’t know what I could have changed
Then I’d want the day back before
One day less to be disappointed

Deadline, deadline

Now I’m free instead

Now I’m free instead

I talk to myself
I am someone else
I know me inside out
And everywhere - just doubt

© Music: Brian Bielski-Jarrett Lesko-Jessie Jacobson (7/7/22)
Lyrics: Jessie Jacobson (2019 + 2022 + 2/19/15 + 5/13/15)

Studio improvisation July 7, 2022.

Jessie Jacobson: Vocal, Bass
Jarrett Lesko: Slide Guitar
Brian Bielski: Drums