Everything’s Arranged [including Outré instrumental coda]

rest your weary head
everything’s arranged
from now on
you won’t be on your own
curtains drawn
you’ll never be alone

close your sunken eyes
everything’s arranged
shadows play
but you won’t see them now
night and day
are all the same somehow inside

take this guiding hand
everything’s arranged
plastic forks
and different colored pills
cotton gowns
and weekly fire drills inside

© Jessie Jacobson • Music: 5/26/81 • Lyrics: 5/29/81

Recorded live on cassette at Club 88 on 2/9/82. Special thanks to the unknown soundman and his love of delay and reverb!

Jessie Jacobson: Lead Vocal, Guitar
Jerome Faulkner: Keyboards
Chris Hutchinson: Bass
Rick Winward: Drums, Percussion