No God In Heaven Tonight

There is no rest
No respite
For the weary
In search of his holy light
There is no god
In heaven tonight

Last gift of flowers
Colors bright
For the living
Deprived of his holy sight
There is no god
In heaven tonight

Through bloodshot eyes
All the world seems a wonder
Two shaky hands
Grip the wheel
Wheel of fortune
And it all seems like a dream to me now
Through a glass darkly

On your conscience
On your breath
The smell of liquor
The lingering stench of death
There is no god
In heaven tonight

He loves his fools
And he loves his drunkards
He loves his drunkards
And he loves his fools
But he loves his drunken fools
Most of all
Loves them through a glass darkly

© Jessie Jacobson (5/16/84)

Jessie Jacobson: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Sticks
Toni Zeto: Backing + Ethereal Vocals, Ratchet
Jerome Faulkner: Keyboards, Clarinet
Jarrett Lesko: Bass, Sticks
Brian Bielski: Drums, Sticks

Produced by Second Language with Earle Mankey 1985.