Reason To Live

I will take my punishment
all that this world has to give
I don't need a reason to die
just one more reason to live

Mother Nature
Father Time
hold no secrets
I can't find
I'm their illegitimate son
she wracks my body
he ravages my mind

I'm an angel
with feet of clay
I'm a martyr
who's seen his day
heaven knows it's a cold wind that blows
what was so close
is now so far away
far away

© Lyrics & Music: Jessie Jacobson (8/16/81)

Produced by Second Language, 1982. Recorded on 8-track at Green Carton Home Studio.

Jessie Jacobson: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Jerome Faulkner: Keyboards, Vocal
Chris Hutchinson: Bass
Rick Winward: Drums, Percussion, Vocal
(+ drum machine)