She Was High

Suede-lined smile, real life-like lips
A voice that melts and a tongue that trips
Across her words like fingertips
She was high

She speaks some words
That she heard somewhere from someone
She’s sure she knows but when she’s done
Her make-up streaks and her nylons run
She was high

We wrestled on the love seat
We rolled across the floor
We stumbled past the threshold
And we tumbled out the door

I caught a glimpse but I wasn't sure
I saw the world in miniature
No sign of life but there we were
She was high

We rounded all the corners
While we looked the other way
We barely scratched the surface
'Cause we had too much to say
We finger-painted portraits
Of the way things should have gone
We whitewashed through the evening
And we blotted out the dawn
She was high

©1992 Lyrics & Melody: Jessie Jacobson

Produced by Jessie Jacobson and Michael James

Brian Bielski: Drums & Percussion
Sam Graf: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Katriina Huotari: Keyboards
Jessie Jacobson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Jarrett Lesko: Bass, Backing Vocal