The Edge

You were here, it was gone
You disappear, it lingers on
In soft focus, delicate, obscured
This hocus pocus is patently absurd

Still it’s there and it’s mine
And so I dance a fine line
Court it gently, treat it as a friend
Though it might just kill me in the end

It’s the edge, it’s the edge
Like the edge of the knife
It’s the edge, it’s the edge
And it slices through my life

It provides company
It resides inside me
Gently slicing my sinews apart
Cutting slowly into my heart

And the strength I once felt
Cut loose by the blow you dealt
Still I go on balanced on the ledge
Drawn and quartered, a captive of the edge

It’s the edge etc.

© Jessie Jacobson (6/5/80)

Toni Zeto: Lead Vocals
Jessie Jacobson: Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocal
Jerome Faulkner: Keyboards, Backing Vocal
Jarrett Lesko: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard
Brian Bielski: Drums

Produced by Second Language with Earle Mankey, 1985.