Time Has Come

time has come
as reason sleeps
we invent our own rules
and play for keeps
time has come

time has come
it can't stay the same
we'll seal the kiss like wax
under the flame

to court disaster
yet still be sure
for tempting fate
against all odds
to take the poison
and know no cure
to beat the devil
taunt the gods
time has come

"'the time has come' the walrus said
'to speak of many things
of shoes and ships and sealing wax
of cabbages and kings'"
it's a slow burn
a cruel turn
time has come

to brave the heights
of lover's leap
give up the ghost
without a fight
to cross the current
that runs so deep
to sacrifice forever
for one night

© Lyrics, Melody: Jessie Jacobson (with a quote from Lewis Carroll) (1981, 1995)
Music: Sam Graf-Jarrett Lesko-Jessie Jacobson-Brian Bielski-Katriina Huotari (1995)
Note: this is almost a completely different song than the earlier Second Language song Under The Flame (Time Has Come) apart from a few lyrical phrases.

Brian Bielski: Drums & Percussion
Sam Graf: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Guitar Solo
Katriina Huotari: Keyboards
Jessie Jacobson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Jarrett Lesko: Bass

Produced by Jessie Jacobson and Michael James, 1995.