Too Far

Let's go
A drive in the car
Don't take it too slow
Don't take it too far

Who do you trust
To let you be just who you are
To take you away from all this
But never too far?

Now that you think that you're better than me
That you've set yourself free, that you are somebody
If just for one moment you'd let yourself be what you set out to be then you might yet agree
Nobody else gets to sees what you see
'Cause you've hid up the tree
And swallowed the key

You put it all down as you pick it all up
You parade it around through the streets and the underground
Now that there's no one to tell you
You take it too far

One last ride in the car
Won't take it too fast
Not going too far

Where were you taught you were better than me
That you'd set us all free, that you were somebody
Why were we less then you'd have us all be
And why couldn't we see that we ought to agree
Well, nobody else gave a damn what you thought
Or the battles you fought
'Cause the distance you bought was too far
You took it too far, took it too far

©1993 • Music: Jessie Jacobson-Jarrett Lesko-Sam Graf-Brian Bielski-Katriina Huotari • Lyrics, Melody: Jacobson

Produced by Jessie Jacobson and Michael James

Brian Bielski: Drums & Percussion
Sam Graf: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Katriina Huotari: Keyboards
Jessie Jacobson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm, Acoustic 12-string & Lead Guitars
Jarrett Lesko: Bass