Visions Of An Aging Race

Visions of an aging race
Starlight reaches your face
In a venture to overcome
Driven though deaf and dumb
In a blackened vacuum lie
With vengeance and disguise
Blood as poison as wine
Under sacrificial skies

under sacrificial skies
visions of an aging race

Instructed to carve a path
Through destruction, oh, and wrath
Mankind without wisdom
is like a weapon to the blind
The struggling of humanity
always seeking to find

under sacrificial skies
visions of an aging race

While the children dance and play
All of their toys will be taken away
To be punished not for their innocence
But for their greed and doubt
For negating what life’s all about
Under sacrificial skies

Oh… no, oh… no

© Lyrics and Melody by Toni Zeto (12/18/84)
Music: Jessie Jacobson-Jerome Faulkner-Toni Zeto-Jarrett Lesko-Brian Bielski (12/17/84)

Toni Zeto: Lead Vocals, Keyboard
Jessie Jacobson: Guitars, Keyboard, Metal Can, Backing Vocal
Jerome Faulkner: Keyboards
Jarrett Lesko: Bass
Brian Bielski: Drums, Shaker

Produced by Second Language with Earle Mankey, 1985.