Frame Of Reference

Why do I cry all day
Do I hide away
Why, why, why

I want to, want to try, want to
I can’t see through your eyes
I am skeptical of all the stars
I am finding my voice wanting
I found refuge in these lies

Why, why can’t I, why, why
Why can’t I try
Why can’t I

Oh you want to feel
Something new, something unreal
You wanna screw yourself in the ground
You wanna do something you ain’t found

Why can’t we
Why can’t we see
Why don’t we heal
Why not try

I feel unnecessary
Feeling awful wary
Thoughts so fragmentary
That I cannot carry
I can’t hold this feeling for much longer, I’m afraid
I can’t tell you’re stronger
I can’t put things in your way
In your way

I fade
I can’t – so high – I –
I can’t, I can’t try
There’s no frame of reference, frame of reference
In my eyes
In my eyes

© Music: Jessie Jacobson-Jarrett Lesko-Brian Bielski (7/7/22)
Lyrics: Jessie Jacobson (7/7/22 + 1/28-29/22 + 9/12/22)

Studio improvisation July 7, 2022.

Jessie Jacobson: Vocal, Guitar
Jarrett Lesko: Bass
Brian Bielski: Drums