Idle Hands

nervous fingers
poison ink
faceless snipers
in the stands

idle hands
idle hands

pen is envy
vain and soft

idle hand
idle hands

their watches run backwards
they miss every sign
but they always delive
they're paid by the line

they've all seen the future
they'll rant and they'll rave
but they're always riding
the crest of the wave

nest of vipers
spit venom on command
skins shed in shadow
heads in the sand

idle hands
idle hands

see the mighty
brought down by the meek
those who can do
those who can't critique

idle hands
idle hands

©1985 Jessie Jacobson

Jessie Jacobson: Lead Vocal, Guitars
Toni Zeto: Lead Vocal
Jerome Faulkner: Keyboards, Vocal
Jarrett Lesko: Bass, Vocal
Brian Bielski: Drums, Percussion

Produced by Jessie Jacobson on Fostex 8-track April 18-May 1986.