I'm Sick

I’m sick of thinking about everything
I’m sick of rolling ‘round in the dirt

I’m sick of all the colors in the sky
I’m sick of learning how to die

And I’m sick and tired of you
And the things you make me do

I’m gonna roll right down to the stop sign
Gonna see the way to go

It’s so cold out where you live
Cold inside your heart
Cold in the dark
Cold in the light

I’m gonna turn you inside out
I’m gonna wait until you leave yourself behind

I’m running down
I’m running out
I’m running free of this grime

I’m touching sky
I’m breathing fire
I’m burning out my desire

Got to stop the night
Got to find the light
Got to kill the sky
Got to catch your eye

Turn you all around
Turn it upside down
I can’t hear your voice anymore

© Music: Brian Bielski-Jarrett Lesko-Jessie Jacobson (7/7/22)
Lyrics: Jessie Jacobson (7/7/22 + )

Studio improvisation July 7, 2022.

Jessie Jacobson: Vocal, Guitar
Jarrett Lesko: Bass
Brian Bielski: Drums