My Love Is

My love's a neutron bomb
One blade of grass
My love's a million suns
A piece of ass

My love’s the kind of love
That dare not show its face
My love's a twisted crime
Against the human race

My love's a chemical
A strip of DNA
My love's a magic spell
A wish away

My love's pornography
The bible, all Shakespeare’s plays
My love is abstinence
It's straight, it's bi, it's gay

My love's a cosmic joke
A sad sad song
My love's a line of coke
A blast off a bong

My love is apathy
My love is a whore
A touch of sanity
A blow against all war

© Jessie Jacobson (1995)

Produced by Jessie Jacobson.
Recorded Early 1996 & 2021.

Jessie Jacobson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Piano
Jarrett Lesko: Banjolin, 12-String Guitar, Keyboards