No Flight Of Fancy

Eyes closed
The bloodless moon dangling
Sleep warms
Through the chill of night rains
But comfort’s somehow softly strangling
A shadowed form sheltered by dreams
By dreams

Silence cloaks the world on the outside
Inside all hell’s breaking loose
In violence
Daydreams give way to nightmares
As despair does its best to seduce
To seduce
To seduce

No flight of fancy

We saw morning sun burning
Ice cold ran the blood in our veins
A slow thaw
Feelings started returning
As memories tear us apart at the seams
At the seams
At the seams

No flight of fancy

My eyes may open each morning
But my eyes never really see
Waking, dreaming
Never a warning
I would be my own worst enemy

No flight of fancy

© Jessie Jacobson music (1/28/85) • lyrics (2/85)

Toni Zeto: Lead Vocals
Jessie Jacobson: Backing & Lead Vocals, Guitars
Jerome Faulkner: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jarrett Lesko: Bass
Brian Bielski: Drums, Percussion

Produced & Engineered by Jessie Jacobson on TEAC 4-track October-November 1985.