Pay No Mind

Linda looks through story books
Pictures the one she knows she will never find
Linda sighs and shuts her eyes
Leaving the one who loves her behind

Pay no mind

Linda wilts, at windmills tilts
Wanders in vain for love of a different kind
Heaven-sent and leather-bent
Sad as the blind leading the blind

Pay no mind

On patchwork quilts
On pale white sheets
She slips away

Linda veils her heart with her fairy tales
As beauty sleeps
She's longing to be released
Face the beast that takes but never gives
Linda weeps

Pay no mind

©1987 Music & Melody: Jarrett Lesko-Jessie Jacobson
Lyrics: Jessie Jacobson

Jessie Jacobson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars
Jarrett Lesko: Bass, Guitars, Backing Vocal
Brian Bielski: Drums

Produced by Jessie Jacobson and Jarrett Lesko on AKAI analog 12-track 1988.
Mixed by Frank Sposato.