Stars Got Lost

Stars got lost along the way
And made more space to swing and sway
All time’s in flux, these moments stray
The shuffle of another day

Hands, weak shadows in the dark
The shift of time has left its mark
The emptiness will take me in
While I wait for my life to begin

The simple life’s a barren mask
They’ll see through it in no time
The questions you don’t want to ask
Will haunt you like a crime
The spoiled scent of rank perfume
Can stop you in its tracks

They’ll find you in a darkened room
Forget your virtue, turn their backs
There’s nothing they would rather do
Than cheat you at Monopoly
And nothing they say will prove true

There’s skin beneath the surface
There’s space beyond the stars
They want us to settle for less
They want to take what’s ours

There’s dignity in being wrong
There’s comfort in each loss
In weakness, we are strong
What’s true’s anyone’s guess

I understand the things you see
Are foreign to my eyes

Some bright light half-seen so dim
Irradiated one last night
Shadow-cast gymnasium
A color that’s not right

Some dull spark erupts in flame
Transforms sunshine into shame

Thin smiles flicker out of mirth
To break this day upon this earth
Squinting as sharp color-wheels
The iris crossed the lens

Married to an echo
Of a dream that is called love
My eyes are restless
Hands a-flutter
Knees will shake
My shoulders shudder, yeah

The touch is all it’s meant to be
So pleasing, simple, sort and free
And yet I won’t allow myself
To let it comfort me

Back away
Shun the touch
And hide my head in shame
The mirror is a mindless gasp
A fool I can’t explain

© Music: Brian Bielski-Jarrett Lesko-Jessie Jacobson (7/7/22)
Lyrics: Jessie Jacobson (9/20/16 + 2018 + 2022)

Studio improvisation July 7, 2022.

Jessie Jacobson: Vocal, Guitar
Jarrett Lesko: Bass
Brian Bielski: Drums