Welcome To Paradise

The world revolves
In a dream-like state
When you turn around
When you stand and wait
But not today

Sky resolves
To a perfect blue
Perfect clouds retreat
Perfect sun shines through
What did I say?

Welcome to paradise
Welcome to life

The moon escapes
From behind the bluff
And it shines so bright (burns so bright)
But not bright enough
You’ve gone away

Nights all lay
Out like souvenirs
Perfect days drag on
Like a million years
Why won’t you stay?

Welcome to paradise
Welcome to life

©1988 Jessie Jacobson

Jessie Jacobson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Electric Guitars
Jarrett Lesko: Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian Bielski: Drums
Richie Owens: Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar [version 2 only]

Produced by Jessie Jacobson, Richie Owens & Jarrett Lesko
Engineered by Ken Jordan
Recorded 1988 (basic tracks, vocals) + December 1989 (Richie)