The CD version of Second Language's Youth Is Not For Pleasure album is now available and features six bonus tracks not included in the download or streaming versions. The album was recorded in 1985 and is released for the first time ever on Sunset Pacific Records. Purchase The CD here directly from them for $10.00:

Hi. I'm Jessie Jacobson. Thirty-eight years ago we started a rock band called Second Language. The name perfectly described what music meant to me then and now: a vital means of communication. A magical way for me to discover truths within myself as well as the world outside my door. An instrument for reflecting those truths back through the prism of my own heart and mind in a language free from the snags and hangups of verbal communication. Yes, the songs have lyrics in addition to the music but poetry is more than conversation and music is its own unique language for each and every musician.

Jessie Jacobson live at the Bootleg Theatre, L.A. 11/11/18

I am a woman today but I was living as a twenty-five year-old male back in 1981 when Second Language formed in Los Angeles. I didn't transition from male to female until January 1st, 2002. My life and my music changed forever and at that point I had no desire to look back. As I developed as a transwoman, it was easy to rekindle my musical spark, yet difficult to reflect on my past with equanimity. But today in 2019, I have begun to come to terms with how the music of Second Language kept me alive and motivated by providing a creative outlet for seventeen of the most difficult yet rewarding years of my life.

In 2014, members of Second Language (Brian Bielski, Jarrett Lesko and Jessie Jacobson with Toni Zeto joining us on occasion) began playing together again for the first time in many years and we were struck by how intuitive our group playing and improvisation remained. It felt, in a word, electric, inspiring me to reconnect with a past I had largely disowned. Despite my trepidation, my former band members accepted me as I truly am and the music soared without skipping a beat. We have, of course, played a few of the old songs but the true revelation was how powerful and emotive the new music we were making has been. Over the last few years, we all reconciled with our personal histories and our old music - most of which the world has never heard. Jarrett has moved to Virginia as of February 2019 but we are continuing to collaborate while socially distancing in 2020.

In 2018, we were approached by a Second Language fan named Brian Edmiston (of Sunset Pacific Records), who first heard a song of ours, Words Into Action in a 1986 movie called Welcome To 18 and had been searching for Second Language music ever since. When Brian discovered how much music the band had recorded that remained unreleased, his enthusiasm for the music proved irresistible and a project was launched for the band to release all the challenging, heartfelt music we had created together back in the 1980s and 1990s so it can be discovered by a new audience. I like to think that the music speaks for itself in its own unique mother tongue and longs to be shared with a wide range of listeners, fans of alternative rock, post-punk, new wave, classic rock and beyond.

Second Language's first official release of 2019
(released by Sunset Pacific Records)

Youth Is Not For Pleasure is our first release in 2019 but was recorded in 1985 and intended as a ten-song album. Five additional tracks recorded at the same sessions were meant as a stand-alone EP.  The album was co-produced by the band with Earle Mankey (and Tony Berg on one track). While no record labels released the album or EP at the time, and few, in fact, ever even heard it, the music survived and we feel that it stands as a powerful, unique document both of its time and out of time. Certainly it has reconnected me with my past in ways I never anticipated and resonates in the present as well as holding hope for the future of my own music. I hope that those listening will receive the energy and artistic vision we were transmitting and interpret it in whatever fashion they choose. It's just so exciting to have it out there in the universe, virtual or otherwise. You can listen to and purchase the CD (with all 16 songs) on the Buy The Music page of this website or download the 10-song version here: 

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(left to right: Brian Bielski, Jarrett Lesko, Toni Zeto, Jerome Faulkner, Jessie Jacobson, 1985, Youth Is Not For Pleasure era)

Album/CD Releases to follow in 2020-2021 (2021 being the 40th anniversary of the forming of Second Language):

• Souvenirs (Revisited) - includes a reissue of the 6-song Souvenirs EP (1984) + 13 bonus tracks from 1981-1983. Produced by Ron Fair (with Second Language and Earle Mankey on some tracks).

• Shadow Across The Moon, a double CD of studio material spanning 1986-1992 and lots of demo bonus tracks (1985-1994) - 40 tracks in all. Produced by Tony Berg, Frank Wolf, Ken Jordan, Jessie Jacobson, Jarrett Lesko, Michael James and Richie Owens. To be released November 2020.

• Silent Crossing - a self-produced album of 10 studio tracks recorded 1987-1989 along with 10 bonus tracks from the same era. Produced by Jessie Jacobson and Jarrett Lesko. To be released 2021.

• WrongSpeak - CD (1996) reissue. Produced by Jessie Jacobson and Michael James (with Chris Fudurich or Ken Jordan on some tracks)To be re-released 2021 with online-only bonus tracks.

• Spread It All Around - unfinished recordings from 1995-1997 for our follow-up to WrongSpeak, we began adding new overdubs and vocals in 2020 in order to have the eighteen songs from these sessions completed in time for Second Language's 40th anniversary in 2021. Produced by Jessie Jacobson with Jarrett Lesko. Mixed by Chris Fudurich and Michael James. To be released 2021.

GroupThink - a double CD of studio and live improvisations recorded between 1996-1999 with one track from 1991. To be released 2021.

Second Language is a Los Angeles-based alternative rock band that played from 1981-1989 and 1991-1997.  We began playing together again in 2014, improvising new music and having a blast together!

We hope you enjoy the music and ask you to support the arts if you can!